How To Remove a Ghost and Its Negative Energy From Your Home

A haunting is any circumstance in which you find yourself being visited by or cohabiting with a ghost. It should not be confused with a spirit visit. Spirit visits always come in goodness and love, will never frighten you and should be cherished and embraced.

Unlike spirits, who have accepted their fate, ghosts don’t know they’ve died and remain caught between the realm of the living and the dead. Because they are trapped and confused, ghosts often make their presence known in a loud, mischievous or angry manner. For both their sake and yours, they should be sent away as quickly as possible.

If you’re convinced you’re sharing your home with a pesky paranormal visitor, this simple process will help send it packing and eliminate any negative energy it may have left behind.

How to Eliminate a Ghost

  1. Fear can increase a ghost’s energy. To keep it from becoming more powerful, work past your initial fright and shock and develop a sympathetic attitude towards the ghost. Always remain calm and remember that a ghost does not have the ability to hurt you.
  2. Talk to the ghost. Tell it that it is dead, that it is in your home and that it needs to leave. Never shout or use an angry tone as these emotions will generate negative energy. Speak in a calm, firm voice.
  3. While most ghosts will leave immediately after being asked, some will stubbornly remain. Should this occur, repeat your request several times over a period of days or weeks. Eventually, when the ghost understands it is not welcome in your home, it will leave.
  4. Gather a container of holy water, a white candle and some table salt. You can make your own holy water by placing a bowl of tap water in the sunlight for at least three hours or on a windowsill overnight under a full moon.
  5. Cleanse and bless your home. Three is a powerful number, representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At any time which is divisible by 3 – either 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 am or pm – light the candle and move from room to room sprinkling holy water and salt under each window and door. This will help eliminate existing negative energy and seal any openings, preventing other entities from entering your home.

Although it is not necessary, for additional cleansing, you may repeat this process on the outside of your house or apartment.

Removing a ghost from your home is a simple process but one which requires patience and perseverance. If you still notice signs of a ghost a few days after completing the ritual, repeat it as necessary. In time, you will enjoy a home vibrating with positive energy and free of ghostly visitors.

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