How to Paint Stairs

paint stairs

Your staircase is a perfect opportunity for you to decorate your home. Regardless of whether the staircase is positioned in a room or a hallway, old and worn down stairs can make your home look dull. However, you can freshen up these stairs especially the wooden ones with a coat of paint.

Painting stairs is a simple ‘do it yourself’ project that you can do if you have a few free hours during weekends. All you need to do is to gather your painting essentials and get ready to paint your stairs to give them a new face.

Painting costs

Before you start painting your stairs, you must first understand the costs associated with the painting task. If you will also be painting your staircase walls, you may need to adjust your budget if you had set a budget for the stairs only. Note that stairs vary in size and shape. This makes it hard for anyone to estimate the cost of painting a staircase.

Choose colors wisely

Altering the color of the stairwell or the staircase can significantly alter your attitude towards the area. When choosing the staircase color, opt for a warm and cheerful color that will welcome you warmly to your house. If the stairs are in a room or already painted wall, pick a color that matches perfectly with the existing décor.

The materials you need

For you to effectively paint your stairs, you will need the a paint roller, paint, paint tray, cleaning products, and quality paint brush.

Steps to follow when painting the stairs

painting stairs

Follow the following steps to clean your stairs.

Clean the stairs: first, check your stairs for cracks or any flaw that needs to be corrected. Once you are satisfied that your stairs are in good shape, clean them using soap or any other cleaning detergent you desire.

Tape the edges: taping the areas where you don’t have to paint is crucial unless you are comfortable enough with the paint.

Paint the stairs: Once you have done all the necessary preparations, it’s time to give to give your stairs a new face. Start by painting the wall if that is necessary and then let it dry first. Then paint the stairs downwards. If you are painting the stairs to your basement, it is advisable to work your way up.

Allow them to dry before using them: Keep in mind that after painting your stairs, you will not use them until they are completely dry.



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