Garden Hoses

Gardens need regular maintenance, and one of the main ways to do so is by watering. A garden hose is one of those tools you cannot do without if you what that lush greenness. When choosing a hose make sure you have done your research on what is need specifically for the garden you have. It is not always about length or cost. The best hose is one that can serve the purpose as well as stay long enough for you to see its benefits.

What to consider before you buy a garden hose

Material durability

A garden hose made from the material that can withstand different weather conditions is the best choice for any gardener. Rubber fits most of these qualities though it can be costly. There other alternatives like vinyl but are not as durable as rubber. The ability of a hose to allow high water pressure without busting or breaking will all be credited to the material.


The misconception that longer is better has led to many making bad choices when choosing a hose for their garden. Apart from the cost being higher, long hoses have a tendency of being tangled as well as heavy when you carry them around from the shop. Make sure that the length is just enough for your needs.


A garden is very expansive which means you will have to change the direction of where you place your hose from time to time. A good hose should be able to bend and coil allowing you to move without difficulty if you are doing it manually or if you are using a sprinkler changing its position should not be a task.

These are the major factors you should consider before you investing in a garden hose so as to get the best value for your money.

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