Best Backyard Garden Paths: Suggested Materials

Backyard garden paths are a wonderful addition to any garden, not only for beauty, curb appeal, but also for safety reasons. There for it is essential to add the right type for your backyard garden paths, using the wrong materials but will ruin the eye appeal of your oasis. While there are many choices for your backyard garden paths, there are certain materials, which are better types of gardens in different areas. Flat rocks, river rocks, bricks, pebbles, sod, pavers, cobblestones, painted wood and of course, slabs of concrete are all popular for sidewalks in backyard garden paths. Which one is better for your oasis, is a question that only you can answer but perhaps this guide can help you figure out which is better.

Flat rocks, which are often called river rocks, are great for many types of backyard garden paths. There are readily available in the country free and the right ones will add depth and beauty to your garden. These are a great a way to add the natural beauty to of the garden, and they make economic sense as well. However, they can get slippery when they are wet so that could become a problem for those among us whose balance is not what it should be.

Bricks are perfect for backyard garden paths, which are small in nature. The bricks can make eye appealing deigns and bring a splash of color to a garden. Smaller plots look nice when you use the same bricks as flower borders when you stand them up and lay down the walkway.

Pea sized pebbles are perfect for backyard garden paths which meander through a smaller garden as it will make it appear to be bigger. Simply dig the sod out and add a border of either pressure treated painted wood or garden blocks and pour the pea sized pebbles into the form you have created. If you choose to use small bricks or the garden stripping then you can make a free form path, which is limited only by your imagination.

Pavers are also another popular choice for backyard garden paths, because they are durable and can be personalized with a name is you wish. They are also very versatile because they can be placed at random intervals. They can be placed in ground that has had the sod removed, the homeowner can place moss between the pavers, and it adds to the garden scenery. You can put any type of ground covering in between these pavers and make the garden as unique as possible.

The use of cobblestones adds beauty to backyard garden paths, in a few ways. Cobblestones are usually placed in the ground rather then lay upon the ground and can be placed in groupings for smaller gardens or scattered in between Spanish moss for larger gardens.

Of course painted pressure treated wood can also be used in any type of backyard garden paths, for walkways over small ponds or in ground water oasis’s. Plain or painted this pressure treated wood can add to the natural beauty of the garden. A word of caution to anyone who does choose to use wood in as your backyard garden path, please sprinkle sand to the wood before painting or staining to provide some traction for those damp days.

Slabs of concrete also are popular as backyard garden paths and can make a large garden look a bit smaller. The beauty of concrete is you can do any type of design with it, if you mix up a batch of concrete for this use. I think you have much more flexibility with it.

I mentioned curb appeal at the beginning of this backyard garden paths article and some of you may wonder why curb appeal matters. For those of us who live on a corner, our backyard garden paths can be seen from the road, so it is essential for the right curb appeal.

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