Garden Ponds and Garden Waterfalls

Nothing beats the sound of water trickling by or just the vision of the reflection of the sun upon still water. For this simple purpose, you would want to have some water feature such as a pond or waterfall in your home. Most landscapes now days include these water features but what is there to have in mind as you consider having that pond or waterfall featured in your landscape?

Garden ponds


Creating a pond requires an open place with plenty of sunlight. Look for a place furthest away from trees and bushes. If you are planning to keep ornamental fish in the pond bushes are a definite no since it can house animals that can harm the fish.


Ponds may include ornaments such as a fountain in the middle of the pond or incorporate a waterfall in the water pond. These features add beauty to your pond.


The price of the pond will largely depend on how big you want the pond. To avoid overspending contact a contractor who can give you options that are within your price range. Usually constructing a pond will require you to use materials readily available to you in your tool shed or the hardware store. But in case you what professional work, there are available landscapers who you can negotiate prices with.


Once you have a pond, you can choose to add a waterfall. The location of the waterfall should be visible from the house where you and your guest can enjoy the view. Dig an outlet from the pond in a slope that is not that deep. Place rocks or gravel within equal distance in a cascading manner so as to get the sound effect of a waterfall.

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